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SEHA Abu Dhabi Disaster Medicine Education (Initiative Project)

SEHA, Abu Dhabi Health Services in the United Arab Emirates have requested EMDM Academy to develop and implement a comprehensive training program with the aim of providing Abu Dhabi healthcare professionals with the basic and essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to immediately deliver life saving care to all patients in need of urgent or emergent care and to maximize the use of resources in mass casualty incidents and disaster situations.

The following activities are carrying out to achieve excellence in education, training and exercising, and ultimately increase the disaster preparedness for SEHA:

1. BDMC - Basic Disaster Management Course
Ongoing since Jan 2012
12 hours self-led e-learning
Accredited for CME by HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi)
3001 participants enrolled since start

2. ADMC - Advanced Disaster Management Course
3 courses held 24-28 March 2012
8 hours e-learning, 12 hours classroom education and simulation exercises
Accredited for CME by HAAD
90 participants completed the course

2. DMCS - Disaster Management Course for Seniors
2 courses held 3-6 September 2012
16 hours e-learning, 16 hours classroom education and simulation exercises
Accredited for CME by HAAD
30 participants succesfully completed the course

4. DMIC - Disaster Management Instructor Course
Organised in parallel with the other courses
5,5 days classroom education, simulation exercises and participation as exercise staff
10 participants enrolled in course

5. Functional real-size live simulation
Planned 22 October 2012 on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Exercise objectives is to exercise and test SEHA system's mass casualty management preparedness

6. After Action Report, and recommendations for 3 years strategy plan based on identified variations, priorities, and needs.

The didactic approach is based on modern theory of adult learning which combines traditional and innovative teaching methodologies, such as frontal lectures, distance learning, practical exercises, group work and discussion, computer simulations. Table-top, computerized and live simulations will be organized in order to assess the student’s ability to recall and apply an integrate knowledgebase for solving problems in hospital disaster.

The SEHA Project is managed by CRIMEDIM Research Centre from the Universita Piemonte Orientale, Novara Italy.

Further project partners are EMDM Academy Members:

REGEDIM - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
CDMS - University of California Irvine, USA
E-Semble bv - The Netherlands
iNovaria - Italy

The project is further supported by Sophiahemmet, Stockholm, Sweden.

The SEHA Project is an EMDM Academy "Initiative Project". EMDM Academy is contractor with SEHA Abu Dhabi Health Services supported by E-Semble bv as project guarantor. The Project is supervised by the EMDM Academy President and Executive Director.

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