Disaster Management
preparedness System

Triage Game EMDM Academy

CAE Inc.

CAE is the world leader in providing simulation and modelling technologies and integrated training solutions for the civil aviation industry, defence forces, emergency services, and healthcare agencies around globe. Through its Professional Service team, CAE offers a range of consulting services, training solutions, and decision support technologies to improve the operational effectiveness of emergency response opearations.

CAE is currently involved in EMDM Academies VictimBase Project. Mrs. Jana Lee Murray from CAE in Ottawa is project leader and chairs the Expert meetings for the project. CAE also co-funds the development and operations and maintenance of VictimBase together with E-Semble.

CAE is a Member of the EMDM Academy since May 2011
Full membership is awaiting final confirmation by the EMDM Academy 2012 General Assembly

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