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4th VictimBase User Group meeting in Utrecht

VBUG_2012-06-22 120256
The 4th VictimBase User Group meeting was held in The Netherlands. During the meeting, the User Group discussed a series of key topics for the future of VictimBase:

1. Redesign of the VictimBase
The VictimBase has been redesigned to improve user friendliness. The update will be implemented by E-Semble between Sept and Dec 2012.

2. Medical changes and improvements
A series of improvements and changes were proposed to the VictimBase template content.

3. Continuity of VictimBase
Current VictimBase sponsor E-Semble has confirmed it will agree with EMDM Academy Executive Board about a continuation of the support contract for VictimBase. E-Semble have indicated that development beyond the improvements described above cannot be undertaken without support from other sponsors. E-Semble and the EMDM Academy Executive Board will search for additional sponsors.

Safety Region of Utrecht is sincerely thanked for its financial support to organise the User Group Meeting.


Michel Debacker (Chairman) - REGEDIM, Belgium
Frank van Wijk - Safety Region Utrecht, Sweden
Jesaja Piqué - Safety Region Utrecht, Sweden
Anders Rüter - Sophiahemmet, Sweden
Federico Merlo - iNovaria, Italy
Davide Colombo - iNovaria, Italy
Erwin 'D Hondt - Belgium Armed Forces Medical Component
Christophe Ullrich - SIMEDIS Project, Belgium
Steven van Campen - E-Semble, The Netherlands
Martijn Boosman, E-Semble - The Netherlands
Guusje Eggen, E-Semble - The Netherlands
Angela Hume - Netherlands Armed Forces Medical Component
Jens Schwietring - German Armed Forces Hospital, Koblenz
Christian Neitzer - LFKS, Germany
Stefan Mönk, CAE - Canada/Germany

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