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EMDM Academy organisation restructure

The EMDM Academy General Assembly held on 25 March 2011 decided to restructure the EMDM Academy. The Statutes and the internal organization were adapted to allow new EMDM Academy members to more easily join the Academy and influence its activities.

The General Assembly voted in favor of the following key changes in the EMDM Academy structure:
- The General Assembly no longer consists of individuals but of 1 voting representative per EMDM Academy member organization
- The Board of Governors no longer exists, instead the General Assembly directly controls the Executive Board
- The General Assembly chooses a President from amongst the representatives. The President is the legal representative of the EMDM Academy
- EMDM Academy members are public and private research, educational, operational, and international organizations in the area of disaster and/or humanitarian medicine.

The new Statutes can be downloaded here.
2011.03.25 EMDM Academy Statutes.pdf

The General Assembly chose Prof. Dr. Francesco Della Corte, MD as President. As Executive Board members were chosen: Martijn Boosman, M.Sc. as Executive Director, Prof. Louis Loutan, MD as acting treasurer, Prof. Dr. Ives Hubloue, MD as treasurer elect and Dr. Pier Luigi Ingrassia, MD as secretary.

The EMDM Academy stays a not-for-profit organisation under Swiss Law based in Geneva.

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