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Founders of EMDM Academy awarded

The newly appointed President and Executive Director of the EMDM Academy presented the "Founding Father" awards to the former EMDM functionaries who have committed much of their time to the development of the EMDM Academy.

The Founding Father Award was presented to:

Dott. Gianpiero Lupi, MD - former President
Prof. Dr. Ben van Camp - former Chairman of the Board of Governors
Dott. Flavio Del Ponte, MD - former secretary of the General Assembly
Prof. Dr. Michel Debacker, MD - former Research Director

Although he was not personally present at the meeting, a founding father award was also awarded to Prof. em. Herman Delooz for his outstanding work in initiating the partnership opportunities in the EMDM Academy.

On behalf of the EMDM Academy, the President and the Executive Director wish to thank these persons for their outstanding work and their committment in supporting the growth of the EMDM Academy.

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