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The VictimBase project is entering a new phase

New features of VictimBase were released in updated version of the project. Engineers implemented new ideas of VictimBase users. Therefore, the user friendliness of the VictimBase has significantly improved.

Firstly, the victim profiles can be easily exported as the basis for triage and practical exercises, as well as in simulation software such as XVR and ISEE. This allows sharing standardized victim profiles between instructors, when creating incident scenarios. The export option was funded by VRU (Safety Region Utrecht, The Netherlands).

Secondly, the creation of new victim profile is also made easier by an import wizard that was made by E-Semble.

The VictimBase project was launched by the EMDM Academy, based on the need for a shared user-friendly database of dynamic victim simulations. The EMDM Academy manages independently the use and validity of VictimBase. VictimBase is designed to be used internationally.

These new features were consulted during the last user group meeting in Koblenz, Germany.

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