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The EMDM Academy Organisation

The EMDM Academy is a not-for-profit organisation under Swiss Law. It is ruled by the present statutes and, subsidiarily, by article 60 and following articles of the Swiss Civil Code.

Every Member of the EMDM Academy may appoint one representative in the General Assembly which forms the supreme authority of the EMDM Academy.

From its midst, the representatives of the General Assembly appoint a President. The President is the legal representative of the EMDM Academy. Prof. Dr. Francesco Della Corte, MD is currently President.

The General Assembly appoints an Executive Board to perform the daily activities. The Executive Board is led by the Executive Director. The Executive Director is the day to day representative and spokesperson of the EMDM Academy. The position of Executive Director is currently vacant.

The Executive Board is divides its task amongst the Board Members.

Current board members are:

Dr. Olivier Hagon, MD (treasurer)

Dr. Pier Luigi Ingrassia, MD (secretary).

Prof. Dr. Ives Hubloue, MD

Daily decisions at the EMDM Academy are taken by the Executive Board. Key decision as specified in the Statutes are taken jointly by the President and Executive Director.

The EMDM Statutes can be downloaded here:

2011.03.25 EMDM Academy Statutes.pdf

The EMDM Academy has its secretariat at:

Service de Médecine Internationale et Humanitaire
Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève
Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4, CH-1211 Geneva 14

For any questions please send an e-mail to: or contact the Executive Director at +31651605841